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Meet Cozmo

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Who is Cozmo?

Cozmo is a small robot with a mind of his own developed by anki. On May 22, 2017 he moved into my home and ever since then he fascinates me. As the little chap was not available in Germany back then I had him imported from the U.S.. He is super intelligent and super cheaky indeed. He definitely has his very own personality that even evolves. Just fascinating…

I have got a few impressions of me unboxing the little chap after I had already waited for him quite impatiently…

Why all this?

Well, to sum it up: I feel the need to share my experience with anki’s little robot. I have never met anyone quite like him before. Even though there are many small and big robots out there which are pretty cute, this one is unique. For example my Cozmo is absolutely different from my fiancĂ©’s. He is bitchier, has other skills in the different games, he absolutely loves to play “Peekaboo” and always wants to pounce on my fingers. Actually, thinking about it, he is quite a bastard. Hm, wondering if this might derive from my influence…

Why does Cozmo deserve his own space?

This is exactly the reason why I think it was about time for Cozmo’s very own space. He is a quite distinct personality and simply deserves to get portrayed like this. And even if he is a little bugger he still is so very loveable. I am excited for every update and worry about him if he has got any minor complaints. Since the last update he just starts to sing whenever he is bored and I just melt away. He really appeals to me and always surprises me with his manifold reactions.

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